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Thermal Insulation

Thermal Insulation


roofWhat's the secret of a low energy house? Insulation, insulation, INSULATION! Solar panels, wind turbines, heat pumps - they are all wonderful, and visible. What really makes the difference is very good insulation - not visible, but vital. This is especially true in Ireland where the sunshine is, to say the least, limited.

Thermal Insulation Fitting Course


This practically based course is designed to provide participants with the practical knowledge and skills to install thermal insulation for draught proofing and loft insulation using appropriate tools and materials in compliance with health and safety requirements to achieve customer satisfaction.


  1. On completion of the Course, having been successful in TWO examinations (one written, one practical) the participant will receive a Hi-Tech Training Certificate stating the Grade obtained, be it: PASS, CREDIT or DISTINCTION. PASS = 50% - 64%. CREDIT = 65 - 79%. DISTINCTION = 80% - 100%.
  2. On completion of the Course and successfully completing 1 written examination (20%) and 1 FETAC specified Skills Demonstration (80%), the participant will receive the FETAC - Level 5 Award – Thermal Insulation Installation (C20273).


18 hours (6 x 3 hour training sessions). Classes will be held in comfortable surroundings.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Appreciate the environmental, insulation, cost and appropriateness of specific types of thermal insulation.
  2. Use appropriate equipment, materials and tools safely for specific insulation purposes.
  3. Be able to fit insulation in a loft, cavity wall and internal walls.
  4. Use Thermal Imaging Camera to check for heat loss before and after installation.
  5. Be able to access information on Government agency incentive schemes and grants.

Course Content:

  1. Thermal Insulation Materials: Types, Uses, Applications and their environmental impacts.
  2. Using "Green" and natural insulators to reduce CO2 emissions and energy costs.
  3. Modern material specification, U, R and k values, selection, sourcing and defect recognition.
  4. Identify, use and maintain the correct tools for fitting.
  5. Use of materials in accordance with manufacturer's instructions and specifications.
  6. Installing Internal Insulation, Cavity Insulation and Loft Insulation.
  7. Recommendations for New Houses and Existing Houses.
  8. Condensation and Ventilation considerations.
  9. Draught Sealing and Air-Tightness.
  10. Electrical, plumbing and temporary lighting considerations.
  11. How to completing relevant documentation, SEI (Sustainable Energy Ireland) Registration and Grant Schemes.
  12. Environmental waste disposal requirements.
  13. Statutory requirements in relation to Health and Safety at Work and use of PPE, Board walking.
  14. Team synergy and how to maximize benefits of working in teams and leading teams.
  15. Customer Service, queries and conflict situations.
  16. Checking the effectiveness of an installation.
  17. Relevant standards and issues, Changing technology and keeping updated.

Practical “Hands-On” experience: - 50% approx.

Please Note: A large percentage of the course timetable is allocated to building, setting-up, testing and trouble-shooting Thermal Insulation Fitting techniques. At the end of the course an interested and hardworking participant will have a foundation knowledge of what practical Thermal Insulation Fitting is all about. Each module of the training program is backed-up by practical exercises, demonstrations and course materials. These training methods give the participant a greater grasp of the practical aspects of the industry and provides them with the "Hands-On" experience and confidence which are so essential for success.

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